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The above two paintings were painted on toned masa paper. It is one of my favorite supports to paint on.  If you would like to learn more about how to prepare and tone masa paper and some of the things you can do with it click here and here.

This painting was painted on a different support that I made with gesso juice. You can learn all about how to prepare and paint on this surface here. I have improved on creating different effects with this surface by sometimes adding white craft sand to the mix and sometimes torn pieces of rice paper.


  1. Ohh Leslie I do love the cat. Good to see you on your blog!

  2. Beautiful works. I’ve been watching the birds at my house, and they have been so exciting lately. I’ve also been watching my cats, who tend to look up at the birds, just as the one in your picture. I am pretty new with painting and drawing, so I will have to learn about your techniques. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love these pictures Leslie!

  4. Your cat is perfect. I love this look that cats get….just a wee bit crazy and will they attack? I love using rice paper in various ways. I am working on a new painting……still in my head except for the finished sketch. Rice paper may be what I am seeking.

  5. Lovely works Leslie, your works on Masa are always special!

  6. Nice to see you again – interesting about Msas paper. Wonderful paintings ~

  7. Hi Leslie, I love the sparrows on masa paper. And the cat looks like it just caught a glimpse of said birds and is getting hungry! 🙂

  8. Love them all, awesome artwork as usual😀

  9. Lovely. That first bird looks on the mad side as if you might be getting too close. And kitties are always cute.

  10. Wonderful textures achieved in all three paintings. Those birds are very realistic and the cat seems totally focused on working out how to get to the birds. Really like the colours and movement of the brush marks on the cat.

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