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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Below are examples from three of my art classes that ended two weeks ago.

Eliza Simms5

Robert Piepenbrink4

The above 2 self portraits are examples of contour line drawingvalue and how to make different marks to create values.  done in my beginner drawing class.

The students learned to draw  continuous line drawings both blind and looking. They learned to draw in cross contours. They learned what negative space was and practiced drawing from negative space. They learned perspective and how to use their pencils to measure distance and find an angle, They studied value and how to make different marks to create their values and render contrast in their drawings.  They worked from life and from reference photos and learned to grid and translate a reference photos.

If you would like to view other examples of their work click here.

Carol Keller2

Tammy Enrietto4

The above two portraits were completed in my Watercolor Portrait class.

The students are allowed to paint any portrait they want for each week. This includes animals as well as people. They study how to grid a photo reference and transfer that grid in proper dimensions to their watercolor paper. They learn the basics of portrait composition and are presented with a guide to human facial feature proportions. They learn about the features such as eyes and noses and mouths. They learn how to make skin tones. We discuss style. We discuss ways to design a background.

If you would like to see more examples of the portrait class work click here.

Melissa Scare

Linda Flatley

The above paintings were completed in Advanced Watercolor. This is a mentored session. The student s are to work on three paintings of their own choice and complete them in the six week session. If they have questions, I am available to assist if I can. At the end of each weekly session, we take about 40 minutes to discuss and critique each others paintings. The artists in this class have completed my other watercolor classes and choose to work together to improve their skills.

If you would like to see other examples of their work, click here.

Thank you to all the artists who take my classes and allow me to photograph their work to post here.