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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pat Dooley 2

We studied Blind line contour.

Tina Rutledge 3

We studied drawing in one continuous line as though we were feeling the edges of the form with the point of our pencil.

Tina Rutledge

We practiced drawing cross contours to describe form.

Sheila Kiester

We learned to see and use negative space; the space and shapes around a form.

Edmond Strange 3

We learned about and practiced perspective and how to use our pencils to measure distance and determine angles.

Sheila Kiester 3 Cloud Study

We talked about different marks we could make to describe values and form.

Lauren Pena

We practiced value studies from photographs and

Mary Ann Roach 2

Jeanne Franke

value studies we drew from still lifes illuminated by a light source.

Last night we finished the above class in beginning drawing. You can view the above drawings and more by visiting the Student Art 1 Page here. Thank you to all those who participated in this class!

Wow! I tried Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper for just painting on! I like it a lot! It responds like a mix between hotpress and coldpress. It allows for more wet and wet applications like coldpress. Like hotpress, the pigment sinks into it rapidly and stays with little lifting qualities. The surface feels softer, to the touch, than hotpress paper does.  It is only 90 lbs worth of paper but I am finding that it does allow for layering. I had used this paper, exclusively, for my supports for gessoed watercolors because the paper did not buckle when the gesso was applied to it.  If you read up about this paper, you find it is made up of synthetic and natural cotton fiber. I guess the synthetic part is why it does not buckle so much when the gesso is applied. I did, however, get some waviness to the paper but not the buckling that I experience with other papers.

Those of you who have noticed that I am not visiting as often. It is NOT because I don’t want to. I will get there! My slow down is temporary but am involved with a lengthy obligation that takes me away from my normal schedule.  Thank you for your patience and your continued support, here, on this art blog.  I love to draw and paint so I will be back to my previous blogging when I can.