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My Watercolor Plus class has been working away on trying to complete a painting a week; each one using a different medium with watercolor.

The photo reference for the above painting came from one of my students. Thank you to Dawn!

If you enlarge the above painting times three,  you will be able to see

the different rice papers I used for the nest leaves and grasses and the citrasolve collage papers I used for the adult bird’s feathers.  Just another way I enjoy working with watercolor.

For more on citrasolv click here. For more on rice papers and watercolor click here.



  1. Fantastic!

  2. Composition is interesting and detailed. I love the bird’s wings.

    • Thank you, Nancy. This one was fun to bring out that detail with. I want to do this one again and change colors and techniques with it.

  3. gorgeous Leslie!

  4. Hi Leslie. You always astound me at how creative you get with the rice and citrasolv papers.

    I love the bird with the open mouth tweeting “feed me”. I also love the side of the building and the grasses on the wrought iron. Beautiful.

    • When I ever have time, I’d like to immerse myself into working this way on multiple paintings. Thank you for this comment, Carol.

  5. It all comes together beautifully!

  6. I’m late! It was definitely worth enlarging this painting in order to examine the birds up close with their astonishing detail. The feather colours of the parent bird are lovely! It must have been tricky to ensure he/she stood out against the complex colours of the nest box. I really like the way you’ve painted the foliage as well. All in all a very enjoyable, excellent piece Leslie.

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