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I had so much fun working with this scene on masa paper. My sister has been generous enough to share photos of her journeys along the east coastline of Lake Michigan. She is a “lake girl”.  I fell in love with the colors of this scene and the chair waiting for someone to come and sit in it. Thank you, Sis!


  1. Your fun is our pleasure. This scene could turn anyone into a lake person. It is beautiful!

    • Thank you, Kate. Yep. I could be a lake person, too. ….or ocean! like you!

  2. I love the texture created by the masa paper, particularly in the expansiveness of the sky. The contrast of large sky with detailed blossoms and leaves is interesting. It definitely makes me want to fly!

    • Our sister out did herself on the reference for this one, just like you did when you photographed downtown New York for me! Thank you, Nancy!

  3. Hi Leslie! Oh my! This one takes my breath away! I could immediately tell you had fun doing it. You’re inspiring me to revisit masa paper.

    • Oh, you must! You did a great job on this surface! Thank you, so much, Beth!

  4. Peaceful and beautiful I could sit on that bench for hours!!!

  5. How gorgeous! If you ever want pictures of michigans west coast, we have them!

    • I love to collect reference photos! I’m such a poor photographer. Thank you for this comment, Caroline. This is Michigan’s west coast but Lake Michigan’s east coast. Probably I’m mixing everybody up with that title.

  6. Such an idyllic scene Leslie! I could sit in that chair and gaze for hours. Does that make me a “lake girl”? 🙂

    • Yep! I already had you pegged as a “lake girl” from viewing your paintings, Susan! 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Beautiful to look at, well done

  8. When I get a chance (and some time) I must try this masa paper – you make such vibrant paintings!

    • I think you will really like this. It is fun to play with all those wrinkles. It takes about twice as much time as a regular painting, but I always come away with a different perspective about this thing we call art when I use it. Thank you, designsweet!

  9. Great strong colours

    • Funny that you should mention that, outsideauthority. I had to go strong to get this one to show up on the toned masa. The paper kind of tells me what I need to do.

  10. I love your textured paintings.
    I’ll be in Chicago for the last weekend in May if that’s anywhere near you and you fancy a beer and an art chat. States is a big place though, difficult to judge scale from here in UK. I’ll be working unfortunately but I hope to get out and sketch if I can.

  11. The technique with masa has been ideal for this beautiful composition, particularly the clouds in the vast sky, they seem to be moving! The foreground is done with brilliance and the chair so strategically placed, very inviting! Obvious that you had a great time creating this!

    • Thank you, Padmaja. Masa paper does allow me to get more textures into a painting. I always admire the textures that you use when you paint.

  12. Lovely scene of colors and composition. Makes me want to visit there again but it’s so far away.

    • I think of many of the things yoou have shared with me through your watercolor sketches and writings and it always makes me think of places like this. Thank you for this comment, bilomathews.

  13. The colours are vibrant. The technique (I’m sure it is the masa paper?) give the clouds a 3-D appearance. Enchanting all!

  14. Very lively….very colorful….great orange.

    • Thank you for that about the orange, Gretchen. I could not resist that fire bush!

  15. I love your masa paper paintings. This one takes me deep into the painting, right to that little triangle of blue ocean. What a great composition. I also like all the colors you used. It makes this painting quite vibrant.

    • Thank you, Carol. Especially the comment about composition. I thought my sister just gets better and better in knowing how to crop her images, etc. I love masa paper! 🙂

  16. Stunningly beautiful painting Leslie! The way you use Masa paper takes your paintings to another level. Now if only I could live somewhere with a view like that.

    • I’m with you on that living somewhere like this, June. Wonder what this scene looks like when a foot of snow is laying on everything. I’ll bet it is full of blue=gray tones and scraggly branches. Thank you!

  17. Gorgeous color! So peaceful.

  18. I just wish to sit on that bench and enjoy calm relax mood around!
    So beautiful dear Leslie❤️

  19. i love the reds. What a wonderful place to sit and look at the views.

    • I think the reds are what pulled me into wanting to paint this scene; and the bench…… Thank you, Ruth!

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