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     Tracey                                                 Leslie
        Tracey                                                  Leslie
    Tracey                                                    Leslie
If you ever get the opportunity, paint with a friend. Years ago, Tracey and I began to get together and paint outdoors from life and indoors from reference photos. We learned together and laughed a lot about mistakes or hard challenges. I remember one day when we drove around the entire time and never found anything we wanted to paint or draw but came home with some great reference photos. I find that I learn a lot just from watching others draw and paint. We are always amazed by the differences in our work even though we are painting the same subject. I have posted several of the things Tracey and I have painted above. You can click on them if you would like to view them larger. Tracey’s blog can be found here.  Tracey does incredible paintings and drawings of local Indiana landscapes and buildings. Recently, she has expressed an interest in learning to draw and paint animals so I am lucky enough to share that journey with her.
I have also added a Student Page to my pages above. I did this because some of you have expressed an interest through your comments and e-mails in viewing them. Thank-you to my students for giving me permission to photograph and post your work.


  1. Painting with a friend is such a great thing! Out of these, my favorite is your giraffe – so wonderful!

    • Thanks for coming over, “I found”. Hope you don’t mind…I really like what you are doing and am going to add you to my blogroll. Someday I hope to find your art laying around……..

  2. What fun! I love seeing both your works and how each of you interpreted your references! Each version is wonderful in it’s own respect. Like seeing the same thing out of two different sets of eyes.

    Thanks for this post. It was great fun and a really great idea.

    • Thank-you Carol. It is fun seeing the differences in styles and interpretations of the same subject material. It is one of the reasons I think art is so incredible. I wish we lived near one another so we could all get together and do this from time-to-time. I feel an idea brewing!

  3. Yes, it’s amazing – your individual vision is really clear – even when you are looking at the same thing and using the same media. The barn on the top right for example (as well as the giraffe) seems to me to be exemplary of your style – and colour choice with that fresh, light predominantly cool palette (at least – that’s how it appears on my monitor!)

    • Thanks Sarah. We are both individuals alright. The neat thing about that is that we learn from each other and it’s fun at the same time!

  4. Cool post Les, I love the way our work looks together. I really like how you can see your looser style, I wish I could do that, but I’ve tried and my pieces are still tight…thanks for including me and for the compliments, very cool, I’ll be working on my next animal this week! I’m going to the student page now, what a great idea to add this to your blog.

    • Thanks Tracey. I also like our work together. I like your style just fine. I think you have a very special vision and wouldn’t want you to change the way you render Indiana, especially.

  5. i think that they’re all good

  6. Yes, I just started painting with a friend: once a week, we go for a long lunch; It is wonderful. I love to see the differences. We all see life differently, aren’t we??

    • I agree. Are you going to post a few of both of yours once in awhile? I’d like to see them. I know other people paint together. I think Bill mentioned that he painted figures with Susan once.

  7. Exciting challenges, and great fun.
    We usually exchange haiku about the same topic with our haiku fellows.
    This is a nice way of communication and mutual understanding.
    Expressing myself in my own way but understanding the other way of expression in the other way are both interesting and view-broadening.
    Maybe this is true with your cases, too. Thank you.

    • That is exactly what we experience Hidenori. Thank-you for sharing this. It makes sense that writers would challenge themselves this way, also.

  8. this idea of working on the same subject with a friend reminds me of when I used to go photographing with a friend…such a long time ago..I miss that and will have to try again. I have a friend that I work on altered books with…I would like to take a walk on this bridge it is inviting and has a mysterious quality. I appreciate the works next to one another as well. Steph

    • Thank-you for your comments Steph. The bridge is located north of where I live and is in a nice quiet setting on a back country road. It was a great day….take bug spray if you go! lol

  9. I would love to do this. My brain started spinning on who can come over to play! You and Tracey are fortunate to have each other. Your paintings are wonderful, too!

    • I know, Beth. It is so much fun. Post your work together if you do this.

  10. Wow! Amazing the similarities in your work and yet distinct style.

    • Thanks sister Nancy! You are right.There are some similarities.

  11. Hey there Leslie! I see You all the time over at Kokot’s place and now I’m bopping by to say Congrats for the award he’s bestowed and to check out Your room! Your paintings are lovely! I came by a while ago actually and looked a few of Your paintings and loved them but felt shy to remark. Silly me! Thank You for the beauty and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Hi Bliss. Everybody meets everybody on Kokot’s site, don’t you think? He is our entertainer. Thanks for the congrats and the comment about my work. I hope you come back.

        • blissbait
        • Posted November 25, 2009 at 12:12 am
        • Permalink

        Oh! Now that the ice is broken, I will, I will! Was just seriously intimidated! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  12. They are very impressive paintings, both have it’s own unique signature and style.Ya i think i have to agree with the previous comment, i really love your giraffe. Few weeks back, went to the Melacca Zoo with my kid and we saw a few giraffe, guess what..they remind me of your giraffe painting, how wonderful is that.

    • Thank-you Francis. Your comment is pretty wonderful. It means for you I captured some essence of the beauty of that animal and that means a lot to me.

  13. Hi Leslie;

    I wanted to congratulate you on receiving the RA award, Kokot made an excellent choice 🙂

  14. this is such a cool post. there is a whole book wanting to burst out in response. friends, mentors, observation and reflection – there is so much we learn from others that will come no other way. the friendship you describe is a great treasure – thanks for sharing this part of your journey. stephen

    • The journey is the best part of it all isn’t it Stephen? Yes, I am lucky to be able to share these times with a friend. I feel like I’m doing some of that with all of the artists here in blogland visiting back and forth and sharing their experiences. It truly has broadened my understanding of artists and art. This is your big week-end Stephen! Have a blast!

  15. I adore your blog–art and writing! I’m primarily a doodler, but love art. I’ll be back! Thank you and congratulations again on your RA!

    • Thank-you Yousei. ..and for letting me know you are out there. I will be over.

  16. Amazing! I love this idea, its so fresh. It gives you the opportunity to experience something twice.
    Both of your works are beautiful.

  17. What a great way to paint, sharing with a friend. They’re all lovely, but especially love your old barn painting.

    • Thank-you painted brush. It is neat that you like that one. The barns were done the second time we painted together; years ago. It is fun to paint with a friend.

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