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…to Grandmother’s house we go!”

As a child we would travel either to Granny’s or Grandma’s house and it always included singing this song. The poem and brief explanation about its writing can be found here. Those of you who are traveling, be safe!

Yesterday, Kokot awarded me the RA bloggers’ award. Thank-you Kokot. I feel greatly honored and will pass it on in seven days.


  1. That painting is really beautiful!

    All things nice…

  2. oh my god and WOW!
    is that your grandmother’s house?
    can i come over?!!!

    This is SOOOOO lovely! I want want want to be there. Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  3. I really like the colors in this one, looks like a nice place to have a grandma….

  4. Gorgeous – beautiful colours. There’s a real warmth here; I like these timber houses. Would like to say more but it’s getting late for dinner! But well done anyway.

    • Thank-you Sonya. I tried to surround this home with warmth and it feels good for someone to notice.

  5. you’re welcome leslie.
    This one is very enchanting

    • Thanks Kokot. Looking through the window to the left of the door, I think I can just see someone cooking in there.

  6. I enjoy this so much. my grandparents always lived in apartments and while I loved to see them they enjoyed visiting with my family over at our house when we could all sit in the backyard. Ultimately it is the time that is spent and not where but I have to say how amazing it would have been to be in this physical space that you have created. I have visited such places and have so loved it. Thank you. This is such a beautiful painting..I can smell the leaves and water and feel a cool breeze against my face and arms.

  7. …I continue to enjoy your perspective whether it is a house or a horse!!!

    • Thank-you thread soft. My Aunt and Uncle lived in an apartment and I remember the best homemade spaghetti dinners there. Nothing wrong with apartments. Family ANWHERE right?

  8. Love your house with the autumn leaves surrounding it. Makes me want to go in and have a nice turkey dinner.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • Thank-you, Carol. The leaves are all still there because Grandma has been cleaning house and cooking and no time to rake leaves. Don’t know what Grandpa’s doing…..

  9. Oh! We used to sing that song too, all the way to my grandparents. 😀 Lovely painting. Thanks for your comments on the rose poem. Have a great holiday.

  10. Beautiful colours – again that warm cool contrast – it really brings it too life and I can feel the sun. Lovely and fresh looking too!

    • Thank-you Sarah. Thank you for especially for lovely and fresh.

  11. Grandmother’s house is very appealing. Nice painting. However, you should, being the wonderful granddaughter I know you to be, offer to rake her leaves.

    • Thanks Bill. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I’ll take care of them first thing in the morning.

  12. I really love this scenery. Autumn scenes always evoke memories of hot drinks and warm fireplace.My visit to grandma’s house would be a different scene,location and country altogether.

  13. What a wonderful painting, Leslie! I love all the wonderful color!!

    • I take that as high praise coming from one who I consider a colorist. Thank-you Beth.

  14. Wonderful painting Leslie, reminds me of “balik kampung”, meaning going back hometown in malay language. It really gives me inspiration to paint my own grandma house.

    • Thanks Francis. I will look forward to seeing your Grandma’s house. I enjoy viewing your paintings from your country.

  15. These are fantastic! The colors are brilliant!

    • Thank-you JM. I am interested in following your work…..It is fascinating, your political cartooning.

  16. This is one of my favorite paintings that you’ve done. I really like the colors. Normally I’m not a fan of building paintings, but this one really catches my eye!

    • Thank-you Littlelynx. I worked hard on trying to decide what to include in this. I tried to make the interior look warm through the windows, included two chairs for friends or family to sit and chit-chat, and left a patch of light by the doorway where someone enters.

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