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Melissa Scare4

Melissa Scare4

Ann Smith2

Ann Smith2

Alan Clayton2

Alan Clayton2

The above paintings are examples of work from the Exploring Watercolor class.  This group worked on wet-in-wet, wet on dry, and dry brushing techniques. They learned to soften edges, splatter, use wax resist, saran wrap print, sponging and masking fluid. We practiced painting trees, skies, clouds, buildings and little people. They did a great job of learning to partner with water.

Dorette Hess2

Dorette Hess2

Eleanor Wallace

Eleanor Wallace

The above paintings are a result of using rice paper collage with watercolor. This class learned several different techniques with rice paper. They worked with covering a painting with textured rice paper as well as using torn or cut rice papers before painting and after painting their pieces. This is by far the most challenging class I teach.

I send out a heart felt thankyou to all who participated. Thankyou, also, for sharing your work on this blog!

You may view the entire group of paintings in a gallery I have set up on the Student Art 1 Page found  by clicking here or by clicking on the title Student Art 1 on the top of this blog.


  1. These paintings are all wonderful so I’m guessing these were not beginner students? I am hard pressed to pick a favorite, for sure! Wax resist is something I’ve been mulling in my head as I think on redoing my masa paper painting. I couldn’t find clear wax in a pencil/crayon form on line so am going to head out to Michael’s this weekend. If they do not have anything, I’ll pick up some birthday candles and use those.

    • Yes. The top three paintings are from my beginning class. One person had some previous art classes. The other two were pretty much just getting started.
      My students use a white crayon when they want white and a white candle for clear was resist. Birthday candles are something I carry with me in my supplies. Good thinking, Sherry!
      Thank you for all your comments this post! 🙂

  2. As always, your students’ work never ceases to amaze. Wonderful work taught by a wonderful teacher. All your students get a gold star from me! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed all the paintings, Leslie, but most of all the last two… The donkey, as it made me smile, and the Rocky Shore, pounded by the sea, very dramatic… (all would find a place on my wall. ) xPenx

    • Dorette and Eleanor will be glad to see you liked their work, Pen. Thank you very much!

  4. These are very good pieces.

  5. I would love to sit in your class

    • That would be wonderful! …and my whole class, myself included, would love to sit next to you and Paint the “Pipe”. Thank you, Stephen.

  6. Each one has its charm. I’m so glad you share these with us, Leslie.

    • Thank you, Jamie. What is fun about posting these is sharing all these different styles.

  7. Fantastic work, all.

    • Thank you so much, Scott! 🙂 They work really hard in these classes and most finish a painting each week.

  8. What fun to have my painting pictured! I am looking forward to attending another class. Thank you, Leslie, I so enjoy your artwork and your teaching style.

    • You did such a remarkable job with this painting, Ann. I love the perspective and the light that you captured so well. Thankyou so much for coming and commenting, here! 🙂

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