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Recently,  Joshua posted a haiku by Basho that I liked.  Several months ago Joshua invited anyone to submit photos or artwork they felt might illustrate some of what he posted on his blog. He spoke about how to submit on his ABOUT PAGE.

I liked the recent Basho haiku so much that I went in search of some reference material to create a watercolor to illustrate it.  The above is what I came up with.  I was impressed with the wide expanse, the drifts and the nakedness of the trees, with that one tree standing off by itself.  I hoped that the simplicity of the painting accentuated the simple beauty of the haiku.

Thank-you Joshua.


  1. No, thank *you* Leslie for adding a new dimension to Basho’s haiku. 🙂

    ~ josh

  2. i think you nailed it.
    they really do fit well

  3. Very nice. Clean and simple like Haiku.

  4. It’s exactlly the view of his words.
    Great painting,Leslie. 🙂

    10X for share it with us!

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  5. I like the cold expanse of this painting. The bare trees in the snow with the big blue sky is quite striking. And it works terrifically with the haiku.

    • Thanks, Carol. This was so much fun after the length of time it took me to do the one below of the tunnel. I like haiku and trying to match a picture with the one in my mind that the words generate. Haiku are simply stated and I think a painting can be done, simply, from time-to-time with similar effects.

  6. Congratulations Leslie! It looks lovely on the other site. It’s a beautiful painting.

  7. This painting is so perfect for that wonderful haiku, Leslie! it’s beautiful, without seeing the words, but together…. they give me shivers!! Wonderful!!!

    • Thank-you Beth for the comment and taking the time to read the haiku on Joshua’s site, also. Haiku seems to go with art so well. I am constantly seeing pictures in my head with what Joshua posts from other poets and the ones he writes, himself.

  8. Simply awesome!Your selection of landscape is bright and positive.

    • Thank-you so much, Lily. I am enjoying what you are posting in vector illustration! 🙂

  9. I came by to give you a link you might enjoy, and I find Basho and a lovely snowy landscape. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Yousei! Thank-you!…for the comment and visiting Joshua and dropping a comment. I first learned of haiku through him and have been a constant follower of his blog as it always seems to bring me peace. It is why I have taken an avid interest in your haiku, also. Oh, by the way, I have that paragraph on the lady washing dishes stowed away. I want to try to illustrate that also, sometime: Lately, I’ve had so many projects, I have not forged ahead with it. Thank-you for the link. I love that portrait!

      • Oh my! That would be awesome. Whenever you get to it, I’d love to post it . . . probably repost it with your art (just as Joshua did). Be sure and check out that link. The artist explains a lot just like you do, and I thought you might appreciate the post.

      • Oh, I have read it and gone to the artist’s website and saved that in favorites. An artist she admires is one of my favorites. Makes me want to work in oil. Maybe next year.

      • I keep forgetting to comment on the painting. I think your subtle use of color does give the snow movement, like wind. Very nice. 🙂

      • Thank-you. 🙂

  10. Lovely Leslie! Beautifully desolate but with clues! I like the idea of using words or poetry or even songs (in my case) for painting inspiration.

    • Thank-you, Lynda. Lately, I am moved by some of what I read on other’s blogs and can’t help myself :). There is so much that is good that is going on writer’s blogs, lately. How do they do it?

  11. It’s great isn’t it – each feeding one anothers creativity! A big melting pot of paint, thoughts, poems, books and life!
    A shared collectiveness that goes out around the world – each of us touching in some way – lovely rosiness!

    • You just described what keeps me blogging. I am learning and having fun doing so. I appreciate all the shared creativity out there!

  12. makes me like winter even more. does make me think of a haiku, peaceful and simple

    • Hi Otto. Thank-you for the comment. That is what I was shooting for with this, simple and peaceful, so the fact that “you got it” makes my day! 🙂

  13. Hey! Lord, I’ve missed Your art. You blow my mind! When I first walked into Your room I thought that was a photograph. It feels SO real. I can feel the chill and the crisp and the sacred isolation. I hope You had a wonderful Holiday season and that Your 2010 rocks, rocks, rocks! Oh! And I also love the thinker and the view from under the bridge. Beeeeautiful. Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Welcome back dear Bliss! 🙂 Thank-you for the wonderful comments on my work and don’t stay away so long. You have that techno stuff down, now?

  14. This is lovely and delicate…

  15. An expansive, but simple landscape … perfect for the haiku!

    • Thank-you, Kate. I knew it had to be simple and to the point. I have been reading from several haiku blogs and been fascinated by the images they plant in my head.

  16. Beautiful – I like the delicacy of the colours. The simplicity of the image suits a haiku very well.

    • Thank-you, Sonya. I was concentrating so hard on not using too many colors because of Josh’s line about one color. It just didn’t look right without some warm contrast in it. Perhaps that helps it to look more delicate.

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