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Happy Thanksgiving!

We had our first snowstorm of the season this past weekend so only fitting that I was working on a snow scene. The above painting was drawn and painted on a grunge background. I then drew the scene with the Speedball Elegant Writer and then painted it.

Recently,  Joshua posted a haiku by Basho that I liked.  Several months ago Joshua invited anyone to submit photos or artwork they felt might illustrate some of what he posted on his blog. He spoke about how to submit on his ABOUT PAGE.

I liked the recent Basho haiku so much that I went in search of some reference material to create a watercolor to illustrate it.  The above is what I came up with.  I was impressed with the wide expanse, the drifts and the nakedness of the trees, with that one tree standing off by itself.  I hoped that the simplicity of the painting accentuated the simple beauty of the haiku.

Thank-you Joshua.