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 finished painting

This is another plein air painting where I have been enjoying the out of doors while weather permits. I sat on the east side of the pond, “looking west”,  this day. There was a prediction of rain and the clouds were just beginning to move in giving this landscape a still and hugged feeling.  There was light and it played itself in and around the middle ground trees. Near where I was sitting on the east side of the pond, the frogs were talking and jumping around in the shallows. A deer ran through the upper left quadrant of this scene and hawks circled overhead for awhile. I hope the painting reflects a pleasant openess and the peacefulness of the afternoon.


  1. Wow this really brings out the bliss of a plein air environment. I’m glad you found the climate. Texas has had so many triple-digit days that I’ve been forced to stay in. I used to love working from photos, but now it’s like a punt, to me.

    • Thank-you, David. I have been following you without commenting for awhile. I highly admire your outdoor work, drybrushing skills and pouring that you have ventured into. I have often wondered how you do all you do outdoors when it has been this hot. I agree with you that working outside is a whole different experience. This time I am noticing so much more of a difference between photo and the real thing. I don’t know why that is other than maybe I am finally learning something? 🙂

  2. Nice progression of images in your last couple of posts. You have really created a convincing atmosphere around this little lake.

    • That means a ton to me, Al, that you are beginning to see an atmosphere, here. I have been exposed to your posts about the riverside and the things you see there. The fact that you see so much has caused me to ponder the possibilities of carrying this through and into my small project. Thank-you!

  3. You have so much light and fresh air in this painting Leslie! and I love the ‘watery’ reflection of the trees in that lake 🙂

    • Thank-you, so much, Lynda! I have struggled with pushing a landscape back and tried to get the stand of trees smaller in this one and get more of the view in. To tell you the truth, I really want to attempt a big sky painting out here at this spot. We’ll see. LOL

  4. the perspective in this one seems perfect.
    Very light and airy.
    great job

    • Thank-you, Richard. I was hoping for light and airy. I hope I can manage to get an even larger vista by making the treeline even smaller. We’ll see. 🙂

  5. Working outdoor is so lovely when it is possible! I have to get out more myself 🙂 ! There is just freshness in your painting, makes you want to be there and experience it. How long did this painting take you? I also appreciate you posting steps of your process.

    • Hi Alex. It is the getting packed up and dedicating myself to the drive and unpacking and setting up. Once I am past that hump, I have a wonderful time. This one was a little easier since I did not have special techniques like salt to mess with. I spent about 6 hours on this one.

  6. How lucky you got, watching a deer and paint along is blissful! That shows in this piece.. very fresh and soothing to my eyes Leslie!

    • Thank-you, Padmaja. I was lucky to see the deer. The owner said they will actually come quite close at times.

  7. Oh my gosh, Leslie!! I absolutely love this painting!! I love the playful dancing of the pine trees and the speckly stuff giving an air of life and movement around the base of the trees beyond! It’s as if the insects are flitting about in party mode. The sky is amazing and “huggy”. *giggle* I love the whole scene!

    I wanna go with you! This just seems like a perfect way to realize our own lack of importance in the grand scheme of things. Wonderful!!!

    • WOW, Thank-you, Beth. You noticed the speckly stuff! Hurray! That is a field full of Queen Anne’s Lace right now. I took the time to dot in masking fluid for that. It was so full of the wildflower that I could see the speckles from where I sat. I actually thought of you and your art when I painted this and kept repeating to myself, “simplify, simplify”. This was a large scene with a lot going on. I was very conscious about the fact that I could ruin it by adding too much detail. That would be a blast to paint together!

      • I really can see the simplification! It’s one of the things that make this painting sing! Yes, it would be a blast to paint together!! *big grin*

      • You planted the seed that made me think “simple” on this one. 🙂

  8. I love seeing the progression of this piece, I think each stage looks gorgeous. Though the final detail really brings this piece to life.

    • Hi Chloe! Thank-you for this. I was kind of liking the lightness of that middle line of trees so was kind of sad when I had to darken the pines. Your comment about the final detail really helps!

  9. The only thing missing is me fishing along the banks. Thank you for showing the progressive panels, this always helps me to see how others work.
    But next time, me in the painting fishing please!

  10. This painting most certainly reflects openness and peacefulness. It looks so relaxing there. I want to lay down (lie down?) under the trees and stare up at that beautiful sky.

    • The sky was awesome that day. …more beautiful than I painted it. Every cloud had a bit of a rosey color to it and they rolled so slow I could actually paint some of the shapes before they changed. Your saying this reminds me to take time to cloud watch, once, before summer is gone (other than while I’m painting). Thank-you, Carol!

  11. Cool and refreshing outside. Heat relief. I like your observations about the wildlife you observed. Nice place to be.

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