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A few years ago I read the book  The Known World by Edward P.Jones. I was intrigued by the character, Alice. She was a slave who wandered the roads around and outside the plantation where she was enslaved. The officials allowed her to do this because she was considered “crazy” due to having been kicked in the head by a mule. This picture is my take on what she may have looked like wandering in the moonlight.


  1. I remember when you did this one, nice to see it again…

  2. Although I have had the privelege of viewing many of your pieces, I couldn’t remember having seen “Crazy Alice” before I saw it on your website today, and I still haven’t caught my breath. I especially love the chaotic fragility in the picture that you have created in the off-balanced slightly-twisted body pose and the medusa-like hairdo you gave Alice. I want to meet Alice and be her friend!!!!!!!!
    The more I stare at this work, the more I think you, like me, have always loved, adored, and been profoundly moved by the unusual, the bizarre, and the crazy things and images the world offers up to us every once-in-a-while. I always want to find a way to know the spirit of what it is in them that makes them what they are. It’s very obvious from this picture that you want to do the same thing.

    A REMARKABLE PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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