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This is the view of the same creek as here only it is looking west instead of east.

Have you ever tried using watercolor on Yupo paper?  I am not very accomplished but do return to enjoy painting on this surface from time to time.  I can only tell you that I jump right in and explore when I paint on yupo. I do not draw, first, but enjoy shaping the form in. I usually don’t get very far with the initial laying in of color. That comes, later as I introduce more and more color and begin to allow the water and pigments to mix.  Because this paper is plastic, I use very little water.  I enjoy lifting out mistakes with a damp brush and reshaping.  I never quite know when I am finished but thoroughly enjoy time spent trying to work on this slippery surface. 

Sandrine Pelissier has shared some of her techniques here.  And has a tutorial here.