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This was a project I began because I was interested in the stark contrast between the dark tunnel and the scene beyond. Like the previous post, “A Secret Place”,  I found this image on the wet canvas site.  This took much longer to create than I had anticipated.  I didn’t realise how much I had to move between organic and geometric shapes.  I figured I would just render an impressionistic landscape and surround it with darks. NOT! I had to study warmth of the shadow on the water, fading out the building in the scene, making the posts and rails of the guard rail believable, and drawing the oblique shape of the opening of the tunnel accurately. The tunnel and the sidewalk were both cooler and darker than the shadow reflected on the surface of the water and it was a challenge to balance the two so that it read right.  I worked on this, on and off, for the last two weeks and practiced many of the washes on a separate piece of watercolor paper.

Last night I saw a really beautiful painting done with a strong contrast between light and dark on David Tripp’s Blog here.