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I was thinking, recently, of some of the wonderful things I have seen or read on some of the blogs that I visit. These are truly posts that I have remembered and are food for thought or inspirations for me to continue to learn and create and enjoy sharing what I do. Don’t think for one minute that I come to your blog to aimlessly spend time. I visit with an interest in what you are doing or sharing that enriches my life and knowledge or gives me pause to stop and chuckle a little. So here goes:

I have remembered a beautiful painting of architecture here. I was intrigued with the rendering of light here. I was impressed by a creative rendition of tree trunks in a sister’s yard here. I enjoyed a trip with Joshua here. I learned more about composition here. I am witnessing the journey of a student artist here and learning to look at art through a more abstract vision.  I am meeting new artist bloggers here and here and here. I have read a poem that touched me here and creative writing that moved me here. I found stunning realism here and carefree abstract painting here. I’ve learned about a storytelling visit here. I’ve viewed an incredible still life here and landscape here both rendered in oil which frightens me to no end. Good work guys and thank-you. I have seen the face of a zebra up close here. I found a collage that I looked at forever here and a post about a woman artist I had never heard of before here. I saw a basket of helping hands here and a jump for joy here. I witnessed a visit from Jonathan Livingston Seagull here and learned that things aren’t always what they seem here. I enjoyed an interview and demo with an artist here. I am learning about yoga for special needs children here.  Oh, oh, I almost forgot! The singing chef!

Thank-you, all of you, for your contribution to this world of blogging. Don’t think that I don’t learn from all of you and appreciate what I am seeing.  Thank-you for visiting me and assisting me with your encouragement, laughter and special visions.

To the above I offer this award titled “The Sunshine Award”. Feel free to post it on your site and pass it on to other bloggers who you have found helpful in your journey. I was supposed to limit my list to twelve and I can’t do that. Thank-you Yousei for sending this my way.

  The sunshine award