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"Big Sky" by Judy Notestine

“Big Sky” by Judy Notestine

I have just added a new Student Art 1 page. Please  visit there to view big sky and water, buildings, trees and our efforts to create good compositional landscapes.

Thank you to all who participated in this recent class. You Rock!


I have just added a new student page.You may access this page by clicking on the tab that says Student Page 2 or by clicking here.

These drawings and paintings were compiled from student work completed in the last twelve weeks of  art classes. Thank-you to all my students for contributing and for all the hard work this last session!  🙂 You are all very talented! See you in the fall!

Splattering can enhance the look of a painting that appears a little flat or just too plain. For other examples see here and Beth Parker’s Coconuts. It can sometimes make it look like light, movement or added texture.