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This was my small sketch or value study for this painting.

The line drawing and first washes.

Too edgy and unfinished.

Darkened foreground and background. Softened edges around figures. Darkened shadows on Grandpa’s hair and shirt.

My Granddaughter loves going to the ocean with her Grandfather and I wanted to try and capture a moment of their time together in paint.

This is a painting I just completed inspired by a photo I took a year ago. Have you ever had a photo that sits and screams at you to be put into paint? I have a collection that tell stories.The stories of everyday life, and I don’t paint enough of them.  I think it is one of the most difficult things an artist ventures into  because the moment and the story need to find a connection. That said, I praise all illustrators who sit down to work each day and try to emulate what someone has written and make that “special” connection that they do.

I am going to let the painting speak for itself. I just drew and painted, nothing really special about technique, just enjoyed the translation of the moment.