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Have you ever tried a double portrait? I found it extremely difficult. This painting is a continuation of trying to find the pathway of light that Don Andrews suggests. I may have left a little too much white. I’m not sure.  I wanted the light to cross the tops of the girls’  heads and continue along the hugging arm of the little girl on the left because I thought the hand and forearm were important to cast light on. I would have liked the background to be a little darker, but each time I brought it a step darker, I had to bring the subjects along with it as the background became prominent instead of the faces and the figures began to appear cut out.  Thus, I am leaving it like this as I don’t wish to disturb the image more and lose what I already have.  Double portraits is an area I will continue to revisit. 🙂

Beth Parker has effectly introduced sunlight into her painting, here!

If you’d like to view Don Andrews work, it is here.