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Jake was truly “one” man’s best friend. He is missed.

I am not a pastelist but took a couple classes in pastels a few years back. I manage to use them more as a drawing medium than these beautiful layered paintings I see accomplished artists create.    For class, we were instructed to watercolor a background on coldpress illustration board and create our pastel on that. This was mine.


The last night of colored pencil class, the instructor gave us each a piece of  U-Art  800 paper. It is a very fine grained sheet of sanded paper. They also carry 400 U-Art paper for pastelists. This is the portrait I completed on my U-Art. I will definitely use this paper again. I loved how it felt to draw on. It did not eat my pencils up as quickly as other sand papers and clayboard have. I also like the fact that the background is a light tan color.That enables me to choose a wide range of colors to work with. There is a slight grain to the paper, so you start by working against the grain in your first layer and then at diagonals to the grain in subsequent layers. The finished product has a soft look to it. I have 4 layers on the background in this piece. It could have taken more.