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On March 2nd, blogger Yousei  thanked me for the use of my painting for her banner as she had wanted something new at the top of her blog.  Thank-you, Yousei.  We e-mailed a little back and forth and the task of coming up with something pertinent, hopefully to her blog, became the next project I undertook.  I repeat, I do NOT consider myself an illustrator. Designing a banner took some measuring skills as they are a certain size. Even as close as I tried to measure my watercolor paper, I still had to crop the above image a little on the bottom. I know. No big deal, but it was for me, Miss  NON-TECHNICAL!

Here is the thought behind the banner.  Yousei’s blog is a writing blog, primarily poetry. You can check it out, here.  She uses the name Yousei Hime which translated means “fairy princess”.  Her blog name, Shiteki Na Usagi, stands for “poetic rabbit”.  She likes blue bonnets.  She was able to send me a picture of her favorite rabbit.  However, the thought that came to my mind was that I don’t do princesses.  🙂   I searched through my drawings from life drawing and found a simple line drawing of a woman that I thought looked feminine and right for the part and drew her on the right side of the banner.  I then went in search of “bunnies” in different positions as I was not too intrigued with just the idea of one rabbit and found a lovely assortment of poses I could use. I carefully placed her favorite rabbit looking at her.  It is the little gold one facing her.  I decided to keep the woman looking pensive as though she is  hearing the rabbit speak to her through her mind’s eye.  I rendered the other rabbits all in variations of the same color so they appeared to be of the same warren or family. I overlapped and entertwined their shapes, one atop the other, not unlike verse I hoped.  The bluebonnets were rendered using pointillism in order to supply more color and variation. 

I first thought rabbits would be an easy subject material to work with, but not so. Other than their ears and eyes they are like an oval or a ball, neccessitating my search for the ins and outs of their form.  I will return to trying to paint them again in the future.