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  Blind Continuous Line

  Continuous Line Contour

In beginning drawing, we, once again, began by learning how to feel the edges of the subject by drawing in continuous line. The artist directs his attention to the object and imagines the point of his pencil traveling in, around and over the form he wishes to draw. Rarely are these drawings in proportion. Always, this kind of attention spent on studying an object offers some knowledge that the artist can use in a finished piece. Next, we concentrated on drawing the object (objects) in continuous line while alternating looking at the object to looking at our paper while still pretending to move our pencil over and around the subject material. The above are my two drawings of my grand daughter’s potato heads. When I completed the second drawing, I couldn’t get the fun forms and personalities out of my head. Soooooooo below is what they grew into. I had a blast! 🙂

    The Painting

Just found out there was a Mr.Potato Head Blog.

Check out Kokot’s continuous line drawing and watercolor here. Thanks for giving it a try, Kokot!