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malepeacock   Ft. Wayne Childrens’ Zoo

My grand daughter pointed this guy out sitting among the bushes at the zoo. That’s how noticing this artist is. I struggled with this one, art friends. After I was halfway into it, I wished I had rendered him like I’d done the meerkat ( without an environment ). It was very difficult to get the blue I’d chosen to come forward from the background and then I felt I was too dark with the background. I went around and around with myself.

I used salt for the patch of earth he is laying on. His mottled feathering and crest were done with the aid of liquid frisket. I hand painted the feathers on his tail and then took a wet brush over it in areas to make it look as though it’s receding in to the brush.

Deva has a lovely photo of a peacock posted on her blog.