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Jake was truly “one” man’s best friend. He is missed.

I am not a pastelist but took a couple classes in pastels a few years back. I manage to use them more as a drawing medium than these beautiful layered paintings I see accomplished artists create.    For class, we were instructed to watercolor a background on coldpress illustration board and create our pastel on that. This was mine.


This painting is very similar to the banana plant shown here. I soaked a piece of 140 lb cold press paper in water for about  5 min, making sure the paper is saturated ( a simple line drawing of Payton was already drawn on the paper). I then layed the wet paper on a sheet of acrylic and smoothed it out.  I began my image by painting with watercolor as I had with the banana plant. Then, to furthur describe Payton, I began working pastel into the soupy wet of the watercolors. Interesting effects occur when you do this. Sometimes the pastel blends with some of the soupy color and other times it acts as a strong resist. The pastel becomes super creamy in the water and easy to work into the image. The interesting effects on the right side of the background was not salt but something the paper came into contact with when soaked, so you may have some of this. The one thing I had to watch for with this technique is to not build up one medium over the other and to let them compliment one another. As the paper becomes more dry, your watercolor will go in with deeper color. Remember, when finished, to move the paper to another surface than the acrylic. If  left on the acrylic, it could become stuck to it. Because of the pastel in this, I lightly spray my finished painting with fixative. I used nupastels and soft pastels, both, in this.