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YAY!    This is my last painting on masa paper adhered to coldpress illustration board.  I did have fun with this one. It was similar to painting the previous landscape with the Belgian horses. I concentrated on shapes and values rather than trees, meadow and moose. I found the reference for this photo on the Wet Canvas image library.

I had painted one moose, prior to this, several years ago here.


This week in watercolor plus class we worked with wax resist. We actually used regular crayons for our paintings. One thing I have to concentrate on is getting enough crayon or wax on the paper to resist the color.  Crayon color with the same value of watercolor used, doesn’t create much of an effect. What I like about this technique is the textured look  it gives the painting. It also helps me to be a little more loose than I would normally be with the same scene. I also used a technique called sgrafitto (  simply means “to scratch” ). I lost the wax resist in the foreground grasses so used a scratching tool and a razor blade and scratched them back into the paper. If your intent is to scratch back to the white of the paper, beware not to paint over the scratch marks as the pigment will settle into the grooves and make the scratches darker. We also talked about using ink for some of the tiny branches in a scene like this. I used ink for the little branches on the red tree at the left.


another wax resist

I should add that I always spray wax resist and watercolor with a light layer of matte fixative for storage purposes due to the wax. I haven’t had any problems with this.