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I takes me a great deal of time to create these. They are never what I set out to create. They happen on the paper.  I am still in the process of learning about the different rice papers and what the pigment does on them. I like going along the edges with my brush and a dark color, most evident in the top painting. I also like washing a transparent color over what I have created to accentuate a mood, most evident in the second painting.  As I worked on this I tried to finish them toward the vision I saw coming from the design on the paper. The first one I titled Glacial Remnants and the second one, Canopy.  I love this way of working. It is as though I am immersing myself in the art and the materials and allowing them to help me work a vision forward.

This is but a smudge of alizarin crimson, a blotch of prussian blue, and a scumbling of halloween orange with the moon lifted out and shadowed with a mixture of the three previously mentioned colors, painted on gessoed paper.  It was just a “tiny” demo I did for my class. I really liked the color in this and the texture of the support from the gessoed paper and thought I’d share it with you. Sometimes we learn something new without even trying too hard.   🙂