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                               Big Red Lighthouse


                                 White River Lighthouse 

A couple of years ago, Richard McNaughton challenged many of his fellow art bloggers to paint lighthouses. My sister was up for this! She has always been drawn to lighthouses and visiting them when she travels. To make a long story short, she made sure I had reference photos of five of them for the challenge. You can see the paintings I did from those references by clicking here.  For a while, now, she has wanted me to paint two more of the lighthouses she has visited.  I finally sat myself down and drew and painted them for her. These are both lighthouses from Michigan that she has visited. She says they call the one on the top “Big Red”.

One thing I had to keep in mind is how I painted the previous five as she would like to hang them together. For these, I used a wonderful coldpress watercolor paper called Cartiera Magnani. I also kept these to the size that I had painted the others and tried to stay true to the colors I had used for the others. I had to use liquid frisket to save small areas of white in each painting, since I worked so small. I really enjoy working on this paper but have not been able to order large sheets of it. Every time I try, I am told it is out of stock. I have two blocks of the small 9 x 12  inch sheets remaining. It is a soft paper with an interesting texture and the water and pigments soak into it immediately. It is great for a rather detailed look and retains the brilliant color of the pigments exceptionally well.

  South Haven Michigan

When Richard first set this challenge, I did not have a picture of a lighthouse and e-mailed him that I didn’t live near one.  Wellllllll, when my sister found out about the challenge, she said, “Oh. I have lighthouse pictures from my travels.”  She brought her photo album over and suggested I do a series of small ones.  Thank-you, Kim! I painted on cartiera magnani paper and used the same palette of colors for each painting.  So, that’s the story and that’s what I did. 🙂

  Point Betsie  Frankfort, Michigan

  Camden Harbor,Maine

  Lubec, Maine

Breakwater Light   Rockland,Maine

If you would like to view all lighthouses that artists completed for this challenge, click here and then on each comment as they are most likely artists who have work posted.

I found two other lighthouses in my travels who may not have painted them for the challeng as they did not reference his challenge. They are here and here.

Now I’m off to see all the others! 🙂