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I painted the above painting with a dark background using a reference from wet canvas. Most everything was there for me with the dark background as the reference was against a dark background.


Next, I changed the still life to sit in a light background.

The above paintings were done following the exercise rules of: Paint the same still life twice.  Paint one on a dark background and one on a light background.

I learned a ton! Even though I used a grid to draw both of these still lifes, note that they are not drawn exactly alike. But, they are both of similar style, probably same artist.  It was easier to follow the shadow shapes and tones in the dark still life because it was all there for me in the reference photo. I didn’t know it as I was painting the dark one, but my brain was logging a lot of information I’d need for the light background painting.

Then I moved on to the light background painting. This one was intimidating, at first. I realized I was going to have to have those background colors reflecting into  and through the clear glass. I knew I would have to use my light background colors in the lids of the shakers as well, in order to unify and balance the painting. I played with about six different colors on a scrap piece of paper until I came up with the blue, yellow and burnt orange combo. This was the most difficult of the two paintings. I enjoyed painting it, though,  because I was able to decide colors and how to use them. I was able to make it more my own.

Just for fun, I am going to add that I had the most fun getting the darks and lights on the metal caps and making the pepper look like pepper in the pepper jars.  🙂