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Meet my room mate, Lucy. You have met the other two already. They are Tucker found here and Payton found here. You might say I live in the dogs’ house most days.

Lucy found her way here by terrorizing her previous room mate by barking too much and convincing her that she needed more space to run and play and just be a dog. I didn’t know, at the time, that  Jack Russell was like no other breedof dog but an entity unto themselves.  I am sure that Lucy came to live with me because I needed to learn patience. She barked, jumped straight up and down like a spring, hid under the lowest couch or chair, chased the vacuum,  and was, literally, the opposite of my nature. However…..everyone who comes to visit LOVES LUCY!

I chose to paint her in one of her favorite positions.  I taught Lucy the regular sit, stay (maybe I taught her this as it never lasts long), and then added “sit up”. This is her favorite pose while I paint, most evenings. Painting is not something she likes me to do. She will sit like this and sometimes even wave her paws at me while she talks, in various tones, to get my attention. Most nights it gets my attention and I begin to talk to her. Her head tilts one way and then the other as she listens. One night I timed her at 22 minutes of this banter back and forth, never once touching the floor with her forelegs.  She has incredible balance. I love her, now. Through all these years she has made a place for herself with me. 🙂

I painted this on 140 lb Cartiera Magnani coldpress paper. Thank-you, Tracey, for adding this paper to your e-bay shop.  It has quickly become my second favorite paper!