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The above painting was started by my drawing the bloodhound with one continuous line. If you have followed my blog, you have seen several drawings where I use a continuous line approach. I then painted the colors and  worked the watercolor in using the wet in wet approach to achieve the effects I wanted.  I left highlights white like I have spoken of in several posts recently. I painted on hotpress paper, a non-textured surface. It was a joy to incorporate many of the things I have been studying into one painting.

This led me to thinking about the work we all do, specifically in regards to art and different interpretations. I have painted this very same bloodhound differently using another approach.

In this version, I had placed a grid over the reference photo and then drawn a very distorted grid with the same number of spaces on my coldpress paper. Two completely different interpretations of the same dog! I suppose, to some, this is not such a wonderful discovery but I think it is a marvelous thing to remember when we sit down to create. I rarely paint the same reference the same way each time, even if I try.

When I view all the art there is available on these art blogs, I keep this in mind. I enjoy the journey of everyone’s individual take on an inspiration whether it be in writing, photography, two-dimensional or three-dimensional art. You ALL teach me and ENTERTAIN me! I thank-you for that!!!!

This painting was a little more difficult for me. I rarely paint on hot press paper.  I need to keep developing some skill in this surface because I like how the pigment soaks in and stays. I also like that I can scumble and get neat wet effects with it. It carries a brushstroke very well as evidenced in Melati’s coat. If I was a beginner, this surface would not be very forgiving as I find that it has very little lifting properties. However, there is a positive way to look at that! It might teach us to look for ways to improve and to look for those “happy accidents” that watercolor often gives us.

Have a good week-end everyone! See you, Monday, for Richard’s Lighthouse Challenge!  Originally introduced, here.

Ichabod, has honored me by using Melati as an illustration for a beautiful poem he has written, here.


Honoring the polo ponies lost today.