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This landscape  painting was created using wax resist. The white clouds in the sky and the field are crayon as well as some of the colors in the trees. The wax in the crayons resist the watercolor allowing them to show through. I have created several interesting paintings with this technique. You can also use candles to create effects on your paper.The candles can be rubbed in over dry watercolor before a second layer is applied. The first layer will show through wherever the candle wax was scrubbed in. When using crayon colors other than white, make sure they are compliments or a different value than the watercolor or the resulting effect is rather dull. This is an excellent technique that can add texture to a watercolor when cold press and rough watercolor papers are used because the wax rides on the bumpy surface and allows the watercolor to settle in the grooves of the paper.

June did a wax resist on one of her chili pepper studies a while back.

47 White Buffalo wrote the following haiku to go along with this watercolor. It reads as follows:

                                               ” mind open eyes does learn

                                                 waxing watercolors fresh

                                                 clouds surprise trees new”

Thank-you 47!

Carol tried wax resist in her new painting, today!