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I put this red fox away. Painted it a while back. I liked it but was embarrassed to share it. My mind got in the way and I started to do to myself what I tell my students not to do. There is no “bad” art. There is only “no” art. “No” art is when you tell yourself that what you create is “not good enough” and that something “looks flat” or that it is the “wrong color” or “I didn’t get the light right”.  It is when you fill yourself with so many negatives you quit. That is “no” art. “Bad” art is “no” art.

The fox, then? I didn’t like him because he is flat and the perspective is all wrong. The shading is wrong, too. ………but! I love the colors. I like the flow of the line. I like his eyes. I like what the salt did in the background. I like that I became angry with myself and swished all that white gouache on around his ruff because I noticed I got the perspective all wrong. Most of all, I like him because he taught me something and I think that makes all the difference. 🙂

Ronny writes a post on “Ugly Art” here.