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This is a painting I did a couple of  years ago when I began to paint with watercolor on gessoed paper. I use Aquarius 2 watercolor paper because it doesn’t ripple as much when I apply gesso to the surface. I use white acrylic gesso and a 2 inch bristle brush (the stiffer the bristles the better). I buy the “cheapies in a paint store to use for this and wash the gesso out immediately under warm water after covering the paper.  I squirt a fairly large dollop of gesso onto the paper in the center and work it outward with my brush creating swirls and swishes in the surface of the gesso. I always pick the paper up and hold it to a light source.  By doing this you can see areas that may not have been covered by the gesso. I patch those areas and lay the paper on newspaper to dry overnight. The next day, I paint with watercolor on this surface I’ve created. This takes some practice as you paint with much less water and a more creamy mixture of your pigment. It is very easy to lift out the pigment if you make a mistake on this surface. It is similar to working on Yupo, but not as difficult. Generally I end up with a more abstract version of the subject than had I used watercolor paper with no gesso.

Other examples of watercolor on gesso can be found here and here.