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This is for you, Ryan!  ( Ryan from asmalltowndad’s weblog has suggested that I needed to paint him fishing in my plein air painting that includes a pond on the property)

I had forgotten about this painting hiding in my portfolio from the past.  Four years ago, a friend of mine and I would paint outdoors in the country on our days off . On the day I began this, my friend was suffering with allergies and we had to leave the scene prematurely. I had my drawing of the tree trunks and the creek and the far side completed and that was it.  It was obvious that this was a fishing spot as the ground was flattened out and there was a path leading to it from the road.  I painted the scene from memory and added the boy and his dog.  I think this was the first painting that I began texturing leaves and trees like I do today. I also used a white crayon for wax resist on the fishing line and sandpapered the surface of the water in the creek.