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This week, my class is working on something rendered with ink and watercolor. They could choose from several different techniques. The above is the one I chose.  I drew the above elephant in graphite, first, and then went back in with india ink and nib, like what is used for calligraphy, and traced over my drawn lines. About every three lines (before the ink dried), I spritzed that area with water (not a squirt but a “spritz”). This causes the ink to creep out into the texture of the paper creating the feathering you see around every line. This does not work on hotpress paper. It requires the use of coldpress and rough papers as their texture is what causes this creeping of ink.  The process is slow and somewhat tedious, but the results are well worth the extra effort.  I usually splatter the surface with some frisket, before I begin, to add some texture and extra effects. I also splattered with some ink to provide more texture. I wait for this to dry completely before painting.

The above is what I came up with.

Other examples of this technique are here and here.