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Have you ever had a painting that took another path than the one you had planned? That was the case with this one, for me.

My sister took a road trip to visit her daughter in Tucson and snapped some pictures along the way for me to use as reference material. This is from a photograph of a doorway to her room at a bed and breakfast in New Mexico.

I thought it would be a good subject for a quick sketch and it turned into a many-day venture. The more I worked on it, the creepier it became. The first big challenge was that huge sasquatch-looking plant next to the door. Honest! That is what it looked like! I’ve stared at it and stared at it. My sister couldn’t even figure out what it was.  The second thing that threw me off was the subdued light. Try as I might I could not find much of a way to cast light on things, here.  As a result, I subdued it too!  Two large strands of plants crossed over the walkway that made it look even more foreboding, even though the green plant in the foreground seemed to beckon and point one to the door.

My sister came to visit after I’d completed it. I was embarassed to show her my attempt. She knew just what it was and, amidst my apologies for the poorness of the rendition, turned and said, “Oh no. That is just how that doorway made me feel!”

Sometimes it is fun to take the journey of another in paint. 🙂