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I was so excited about the exercise from creative drawing class that I wanted to try a distorted grid with watercolor. I first marked off my photo reference in a grid with all spaces of the same dimension. Thank-you to wet for the photo reference of  a bloodhound.

Next I marked off a piece of cold pressed 140lb Arches with the same number of lines vertically and horizontally as I used while creating the original grid. In this step I angled lines every which way to distort the size of the spaces. Be careful to not cross  vertical lines with other vertical lines or the horizontal lines with the other horizontal lines. I then drew the image, one space at a time, onto the distorted grid following the spaces from the photo grid. This led me to have to make decisions as to how I was going to fill that distorted space with all the information in its’ corresponding space in the photo. It led to a distortion of the image in the photo as you transposed it to your new grid. I had furthur distorted the image by changing my format from a vertical one to a slightly lengthened square.


In the above picture you can see the divisions of space that I had to work with.  I decided not to connect the line from the nose or the one in the ear and several that didn’t match up to their corresponding lines in the next space over. I like what it added to my image.  I also liked the fullness of body this format and grid gave my bloodhound. At this point, I could have erased the grid lines and finished the background but instead chose to leave them in so the finished piece would show the whole process of creating this image.


The above is my finished painting using a distorted grid.