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This week I started a new beginning watercolor class.  We talked about our supplies and how to use them. When we started to paint, we practiced wet-in wet applications of pigment:

  We learned that our colors would look different if we mixed them on the palette than if we applied them to the wet surface of the paper. Palette mixing rendered a flat color and mixing colors on the paper allowed for the pigments to mix with the help of the water and often appeared vibrant. We learned how to encourage the creation of cauliflowers by dropping in extra water as the wash began to dry.

We practiced drybrushing by using very little water and more of a creamy consistency of pigment :

  We angled our brushes and dragged them across the paper. We commented how this would be a nice technique to use for barn siding, fencing and any area where we may need to add texture.

We practiced painting wet on dry:

    We decided this would be best used to create detail areas in our paintings.

In order to be able to concentrate on these skills, for a week, they were asked to paint a monochromatic painting using one color, only, and build their watercolor from light to dark.


Monochromatic Studies