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Gone is that chance to go to the Super Bowl.  Oh my……  so SAD.

But, thank-you, Bears, for entertaining me all season and climbing for your goal. I will be watching next year, “GO BEARS!”

Everything I know of football, I learned from my son who has followed the Chicago Bears since he first knew about the game.  This has been a marvelous season watching the Bears face their challenges and it has brought with it much conversation between my son and myself. This week has been horrendous as we  wait for them to face their rivals. The only way I could see through to quieting my anxiety was to paint something to honor tomorrow’s game. That helped.

So, to my son, as well as all Bears’ fans out there, “Go Bears”!!!!!!!


This was a landscape I challenged myself to do from a photo my son took after a Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packer game 2 years ago. At first it was great fun trying to lay everything in. But, oh my, the layers I had to add to get any depth at all. I tried to capture what the camera picked up in movement in the foreground. Rendering all the people piling off the ramp was another challenge. This is done in prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore vellum bristol board. I did not know about the Stonehenge paper that I use, now, for colored pencil work.  The other thing I noticed, today, were all the little people compositions within this, so I cropped them to share with you.