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I have become fascinated with the role that oriental papers can play in enhancing a watercolor.  Many of you who have followed me know I have been working with painting on masa paper as well as working with rice paper and watercolor.

I began by painting a cruciform design in watercolor, then by using acrylic matte medium with a little water (four parts medium to one part water), glue torn pieces of rice paper into that design.  I enjoy the abstract qualities this brings to a painting and the interesting things, shapes and colors, created by the textures of the paper. I NEVER know when to stop with these. After applying the papers, I paint, again and add more papers  until I have an image I like.

This one made me think of the world, at large, and what a thaw might look like. With that, it took me other places, thinking about what it might take to to mend or thaw some of our differences and connect us once again. I am glad the chakra colors come through loud and clear of orange, blue, green and violet.  I stopped, here, not wanting to disturb that thought.

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The above painting was done, following the steps in the post found here. I used an eyedropper to draw the wolf paws but an ink nib to make a finer line on the human legs and feet.  This piece was inspired by my sister. She wanted me to try to take my previous piece, re-draw it, and insert childrens feet dancing. She asked that I work with the color red indicating the first chakra energy.  She wanted me to attempt to make the legs and feet of the human appear as though they blended with the reds of the background and not be as prominent as the foreground wolf paws. What I was striving for here was energy, earth, movement and union. I hope I have at least touched on some of these things.