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Tag Archives: beginning watercolor

The above was my first assignment for my first class in watercolor.  The instructor had asked us to do a study in varying shades of the same color and use glass objects. I was so frustrated and remember this was my fourth try and the one I went with. About the only thing I liked about watercolor was the feel of the brush sliding across the paper. I remember fighting the water and constantly wanting to wipe it up.  The instructor continually reminded me that I needed to search for ways for the water to become my partner and not fight it so much.

I believe it was about the third class I took when I painted this picture from a reference in a book of reference photos for artists. I made up the horses and painted them into the scene. I have always considered this painting as my turning point and what spurred me on to continue to paint in watercolor.

I hope, by sharing these, others are inspired to keep trying . Perhaps I should call these early paintings my blue phase, as well.  I had not noticed my palette was so heavy in blue until I pulled these out to share with you.  We learn something new every day. 🙂