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This was my small sketch or value study for this painting.

The line drawing and first washes.

Too edgy and unfinished.

Darkened foreground and background. Softened edges around figures. Darkened shadows on Grandpa’s hair and shirt.

My Granddaughter loves going to the ocean with her Grandfather and I wanted to try and capture a moment of their time together in paint.

This was the first time my Grand daughter saw Lake Michigan. I remember the first time I swam in Lake Michigan and the first time I went running into the ocean. There is something special about the grandeur of it all.


Thanks to encouragement from fellow artist and friend, Jay Bastian, I attempted my first oil painting. I followed the simple steps that Anne Kullaf had listed for alla prima painting on her blog, Loosen Up! Both Jay and Loosen Up are included in my blogroll if you want to check out their work. I painted a value study in burnt sienna and then painted my colors in next to each other so I wouldn’t get muddy. I had to retouch areas where I felt the paint was too thin or I did not like the brush stroke I had used. This was fun.