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The third and final day of the workshop included a demonstration on how to paint little people.  Don stated that he visits shows and sees beautiful landscapes and cityscapes and many of them have no people in them. He talked about how little people don’t have to have a lot to them but they do need proper proportion and believability. He demonstrated proportions and even showed us how to make people from blobs of color!  He referred to the process as little gestures and I was fascinated by the whole process. Above is my sheet of little people I practiced. I used every color I could think of. The other thing he taught is how to soften an edge. I NEEDED TO LEARN THAT!!!! I had read how to do it, before, but was always leaving too much water in my brush. I began to practice rinsing my brush and wiping it on a scott towel (squeezing the water out of it) and then sliding it across my paper toward the wet edge I want to soften (this must be done while the edge is still wet). I am starting to get it, I think. Now, with practice, I may be able to create some less edgy paintings. PHEW! Don then spoke of flesh tones and how to mix them, but I saw so many colors  allowed to bleed into each other and was impressed with all colors used to create people. He had some small paintings of futhur developed figures on display and I was really impressed with these. When I came home, I looked up a sport photo on wet canvas for a grouping of figures doing something and came up with a painting of my own, below, where I concentrated on color blobs and light and soft edges on figures.

 Home Run

Check out these figures that Keith just posted on his blog  here and  here. I love them, Keith!!!!!