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Tag Archives: Antsketch

I visit Sarah’s blog Curious Crow on a regular basis. I began following her on a previous blog because I enjoyed her honest and loose blind continuous line drawings. Continuous line is what caught my attention, first, as an artist so I have a very basic liking for it.  It is something about the honesty, the study and what it captures so simply. I have also enjoyed her very detailed studies in Art History and her posts that discuss the process behind how she creates something. Recently, she has been doing many drawings with her non-dominant hand.  I have often believed that drawing and painting with our non-dominant hand helps us to slow down and actually study and feel the contours and form of our subject material better. So, “hats off to you, Sarah”, for your continued sharing of your journey in the art world.  🙂

Recently, Sarah commented on my Holstein Cow post and mentioned that she liked my cow but that sheep were her favourite. I decided I’d try a sheep and went to wet canvas and found this lovely image. I drew and painted it, snapped a picture to load it and resolute it.  I went back to wet canvas to see if there was anything identifying this sheep by breed and it said “Angora Goat”!  I’m sorry Sarah! I drew and painted a goat for you! 🙂

Another site I visit, frequently, for his lovely loose rendering in line and continuous line is Antsketch. Thank-you for your drawings.