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Magnificent obsession,

drawing lines,

so you and I can SEE.

47whitebuffalo has a haiku on her sight and is asking you to visit and leave one of yours. It was pretty fun. I googled haiku and read what it was and submitted mine that you see above.

I like to think that the knight has interceded and saved the bull from the matador. The piece was rendered in ink on 140lb coldpress Arches.



I think I spoke, once before, about how much I like to draw what is called a continuous line drawing where I don’t pick my pen or pencil up from the surface of the paper. It is the single most important skill that helps my image making to improve. I think it is because I have to actually relax into feeling the edges and contours of something.




This drawing is considered a broken line drawing, but you can still see the long fluid line of my trying to feel the surfaces of the model.

In both drawings, I applied an ink wash. These were 20 minute poses.

abstractlineportrait2   the drawing

mermaid   the painting

I have shown you one of these before. I do a simple continuous line drawing in a one to five minute study at life drawing and then trace it off onto watercolor paper with Saral and just have fun inventing something with paint and whatever skill I can muster up. It feels as though it’s half me and half the paint and I like that. It offers up a great way to explore a medium’s gifts and a fascinating way to get in touch with your own personal skills. I was so intrigued with the missing eye and arm. The eye, lips and hand were my focus.


Today, Jay and I attempted to draw at the zoo. Holiday! Crowded! We need to go on a slow weekday. However, the children’s zoo farm animals were great and so were the Scarlet Ibis. I collaged the few drawings I did. More of the zoo later!

tomthinking    ink

abstractline41   graphite

Sometimes, a few simple lines just work. I’m always looking for others’ work like this.


Jay Bastian, friend and fellow artist, introduced me to using toy figures for still life subjects. This ink and wash was a result of one such attempt. Check out Jay’s blog.


kaufmanmatt by Matt Kaufman

This still life was turned in by one of my drawing students. We all liked his value, line and quirky choice of subject material.