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The art, above, was created by my beginning watercolor students this session. I have chosen to post their paintings, here, rather than on a separate page. Only two of the six students showed up on the last night when I photograph their work.

This group learned about the three basic ways to paint in watercolor, practicing their wet in wet, wet on dry and dry brushing each week as they painted their assignments. They learned about basic color theory and how to create strong value contrasts. We always paint a back-lit painting in beginning watercolor just to practice darks and learn how to achieve a colorful dark. We studied techniques like using liquid mask, salt, crayon resist, magic eraser and how to splatter. We learned how to paint little people to place in our landscapes and we learned to crop and grid a painting.

Thank you to the two artists who allowed me to share their paintings here.



  1. I would like more information on one of the pieces you posted for a logo. Please contact my email

  2. Hi Leslie it’s been ages! What a great class you had here. Probably not too many classes these days. I hope you’re managing ok in these strange times. Maybe one day I’ll come back and you’ll be posting again. 🙂

  3. Hi Leslie! I’m going the blog visiting rounds once again, and I see I am the last one who posted. If you ever find this comment, you may not be surprised to learn this is not the first of my old blog friend’s blogs where my April 2021 comment is the last one I found. I hope you are well, and still painting! I may yet return. 🙂

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