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Sue Sample4

Blind Continuous Line

Bill Lambert6

Negative Space

Scout DeFelice7


Deborah Davis8

Value Study

The above Drawings were completed as assignments in our Beginning Drawing class this winter. We studied Blind continuous line, continuous line drawing contour line drawing, negative space, perspective, value, and how to grid a photograph. The students worked from real life as well as photos. If you would like to view all of their drawings in this class, please click here.

Kathy Cron4

Mary Ann Berron2

Joyce Racine6

Jennifer Hope 3

The above paintings were completed in this year’s composition class. They learned about where to place a center of interest. They learned how to use value and contrast shapes, lights and darks and textures and that no two things can be the same in order to create interest in their paintings. They studied 5 different ways to attract attention through their paintings. If you would like to view all paintings created in this class, please click here.

Melissa Scare

Sue Mendenhall3

Nancy Longmate4

Henn Laidroo2

Cindy Guzik3

The above 5 paintings are from the Advanced Watercolor session winter 2019. These artists work at their own pace and create 3 paintings of their choice in each 6 week session. They share and critique one another’s work  each week. If you would like to view all of their work click here.

Thank you to all the artists who share their work here.


  1. Leslie!!!!! I’m so glad to get his post. I was getting worried. I emailed you on your birthday and texted a few times.

    Hope you are well.



  2. Nice to see your class doing so well. As always.☺ Good to see you here.

  3. Hi Leslie, Your students create such amazing art. I love looking at it. You must be very proud of them. Linda

  4. good to see you 🙂

  5. You are such a fantastic teacher!! Great pieces!

  6. love the boat painting and its fisherman !

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