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I recently tried a new paper, 140lb Khadi Rough. The two paintings, above, are my first attempts to feel the paper and explore how it took the watercolor. It is very soft. Large areas of liquid friskit will damage the surface but I have used it on small areas with no problem. The paper remains wet for a long time, so I had two paintings going at a time. While one was drying, I’d work on the other. I love the texture of the paper and the imperfections in it. There are bumps and particles that appear throughout as I paint. Once a layer dries, I can lift most colors. by scrubbing back with sponge or bristle brush. The paintings look soft and have a glow. I feel like I can complete a painting faster on this paper. The color is more vibrant from the beginning.


The next two paintings are much larger. To begin each of these paintings, I painted in gray scale with Paynes gray to establish values. I spritzed each gray scale painting with water to blur some of the edges. I then painted on top of the gray scale. In the bottom painting, I added white gouache glazes to the background and sponged where I wanted to lift some of the mist.

I am sold on this paper. I do not know if it will hold up to the abuses of gouache resist or collaging but will try both techniques on it. Arches may be the better choice for those techniques. I know I could use ink, elegant writer and gesso techniques with this paper.

Thank you to wet canvas for the photo references for the horses and cat.





  1. Wow, Leslie. All of these are so powerful! I like what you accomplish with this paper. I think you have found a good paper to work with. I love them.

  2. I love the vibrancy of color , as you mentioned. The paper seems to lend itself well to varied content. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The color is so intense. Really beautiful!

  4. Hi Leslie All are lovely and vibrant. Nice to see.

  5. They are all glowing truly! Love the perfection that you have achieved on this paper.

  6. Thank you, Leslie, for the paper update. Always on the look-out for new products that work and how well. And…your renderings are stunning….colours so vibrant. Protest movement….well done, well done! I’d be making those into correspondence cards….stationary if you will….but that’s just me…..! Again, many thanks for your consistent inspiration(s). Raye

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Of course I love the horse ones the best!!!

  8. Hi Leslie, so nice to see you post some of your work. I love all of these, but particularly love the protest painting!

    I’ve used Khadi paper too. It’s interesting when you first use it after using Arches. I’ve finally gotten used to it. I believe that it’s 100% rag paper because it’s made from rags! It’s my understanding it’s made from old T-shirts. I think I read that on the website.

    I remember once someone told me they didn’t like Khadi because it felt like blotter paper to them. And while I agree I also think it can stand up to a lot of rough handling. Your horses and kitty are boldly painted. I love them all.

  9. Oh my goodness Leslie, all four of these are stunners. I was sold at the horses and the adorable cat. But really, that painting of the march with the inspiring signs and crowd and color, is my favorite of all. Gorgeously done. I went to the first woman’s march and I thought that paintings of those crowds would be wonderful to do. But I am still learning the painting part and planning and finishing a whole painting has eluded me so far. I know I should just try one!

    So nice you found some paper you really enjoy!

  10. Beautiful works, Leslie!
    Very lovely and vibrant colors on all of them!

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