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Every year the Granddaughters and I head for Jury Pool. This painting was painted from a photo I took two years ago and features the orange and green slides. I have another started that has the pool in the background with numerous little people enjoying a hot summer day poolside. No special technique was used with this painting. I did liquid frisket some of the small design areas on the bathing suits and some of the bolts on the slides.

The above painting is of a basket/hat vendor in Mexico. About ten years ago I took a trip to a resort on the coast and watched as these vendors strolled up and down the beaches looking like gigantic clumps of baskets.

I began this painting by painting monochromatically in paynes gray. I then washed in splatters of water and allowed that value painting to run, tilting the board this way and that. I did not wash any white gouache into this and just painted the scene. After that, I added two figures and a bird to create more interest. The figures and the bird are cut out of a magazine and glued on using acrylic matte medium and water mixture.



  1. Love them both!!!

  2. Hi Leslie, the 3 girls at the pool look adorable. I love how the center one is shading her eyes from the sun.

    I laughed at the basket seller so overburdened with all his baskets. It’s cool that you used a collage technique for the other figures and the bird. I enlarged the photo and really couldn’t see that it was paper. Looks like they were painted in.

    Glad to see you back posting.

  3. Leslie your attention to detail and shadows are amazing. I love the emotion captured in your granddaughter’s expressions.

  4. The girls look adorable, they are so full of energy! Loved the collage work, with a certain humor element incorporated!

  5. Both really unusual images – I would never have tackled the background at the swimming pool, but you do like a challenge! The painting of your grandchildren is so bright and cheerful. It’s so good to see how grown up they suddenly seem to be and I love their cool swim wear. I love that you used collage techniques in the he basket vendor painting – it works so well. You’ve captured the Mexican vendor so well, I really feel for him trudging over sands carrying his haul in the hot sunshine. I’m looking at them a few days before Christmas, so the background to them has snowflakes, ha-ha!

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