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The paintings, above, are gouache resists. It is a process involving the use of ink, white gouache and watercolor. I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of images when I create these. They all turn out different. If you would like to try this I have a tutorial here.

My Grandchildren have been back and forth this summer sharing all sorts of activities with me. This summer I taught them how to grid a portrait from a photo reference, size their format for proper dimensions and grid their watercolor paper to help them draw their Dad’s.

The following is what they came up with.

9 year old

The photo reference for the above portrait was from a Christmas photo.

10 year old

The above photo is the same Dad as the 9 year old’s but at a recent rock concert (making a funny face).

11 year old

Photo taken at rock concert.

I was amazed how easily they caught on to gridding and how happy they were when they saw they could see where to put their drawing lines in relation to the grid lines. They needed very little help from me. Noses and mouths were what they needed help with, but not much. We used a very simple grid and  divided the paper into 9 sections. I have described how to do this in this post. It was a great exercise in math. They were able to see how math can be important in everyday activities. Children soak things like this up so quickly!



  1. Hi Leslie the Grandkids are very talented. Nice to see you blog something. Enjoy your summer. Cheers

  2. Fabulous to read this post Leslie! They all look so beautiful together!
    How cool is that to teach your own grandchildren the gift you have been bestowed and also to have a fun time bonding with them. One lucky grandma you are, God bless!

  3. The girls are really amazing! Glad you get to spend so much time with them.

  4. Yay! You’re back. I love your gouache resist paintings. And your grandkids’ work is amazing. They all inherited your wonderful talent.

  5. Your granddaughters’ portraits are quite lovely. Such talent already. I’m glad you are there to encourage them.

  6. How lucky are your grandchildren! To have a great teacher AND bagfuls of talent!

  7. I always enjoy your gouache resist work Leslie – and your animal paintings. Wow! All three of your grandchildren are very talented, they did a fantastic job with these portraits. That 9 year old is definitely one to watch. They do have the best teacher, but If they’re already this good…..

  8. Dear Leslie,
    My name is Óscar Asensio from Linea Editorial. In collaboration with Promopress in Barcelona, Spain ( we are going to publish a new book: 
    “A Watercolor a Day”, and we want show in it a painting of you and I need your authorization to publish it.
    Please contact to me by my email, and I will send you the image of the painting.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon, to advance in our work.
    Thank you for your help!
    Best regards,
    Óscar Asensio

  9. Sorry not to have visited you on here for so long my friend. Your gouache resist paintings are lovely – don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like your paintings using this medium. I was astonished to read that the paintings of your son were all done by your granddaughters. Wow! You have taught them well and they are all, obviously, very talented.

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