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This is Little Bear. She was a best friend to my sister’s family for years and years. I remember the first time I ever saw her. She was hanging upside down on a gutter outside the family room window and had grabbed a small wooden birdhouse, hanging there, between her front paws. She was peering into the hole in it. I laughed so hard.

I painted her once before here.


  1. What a sweet cat. I find cats difficult to paint, especially the ones with stripes. But you did it very well. Thanks for the cute story, it made me smile.

  2. A beautiful painting along with the cat’s mischievous behavior. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The interesting story made it really more enjoyable, this is cute!

  4. Nice kitty and the story makes me smile also.

  5. Cute story and cute cat!

  6. What a sweet cat! I enjoyed your story about her. And I like the way you painted her with her head down, giving her a bit of a shy personality.

  7. Nice story and fond memory of a special family member. I too like how you painted her head down.

  8. Hello, Leslie. I’m a new follower of yours. I looked at a bunch of art blogs in order to find someone I wanted to follow, and I liked your work. Anyway, I love the painting. It is lovely. I also laughed at the cat story. That’s so funny. My three cats: Sigma, Gordon and Greta, all have different personalities. I think Greta is most likely to hang off the side of a bird house.

  9. So sweet! Beautiful sunlit effect!

  10. Very cute kitty, Leslie. I remember a long time ago when my young yellow tiger cat was trying to peer in at us through the dining room window from up in a small tree. She slipped and ended up hanging there by her front paws, just like in that classic photo that everyone has seen. I laughed so hard at her, too. She wasn’t hurt or remotely in danger, but the look on her face was priceless. She really did want to be inside with us and was making every effort to get our attention.

  11. This and the previous painting of Little Bear are so full of character. Your attention to detail on her fur markings is wonderful – especially with such a complicated background – which, if I’d been painting, I would have taken the easy way and blurred it out. It must be so nice for your sister to have these two pet portraits.

  12. Hey Leslie! Peeking back in and WOW! As ever, loving Your art. Makes me smile and I will be back to look more. This picture of Little Bear and the other with all the purple splotches You painted a while ago sooo capture the spirit and personality. Perusing swiftly as I am running late, but Your body of work blows my mind! Cool seeing Your student’s work as well. 🙂 Cheers!

  13. You captured her beautifully. Thank you!

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